64 top graduates join Entelect in 2020

64 top graduates join Entelect in 2020

Each year, Entelect takes on some of South Africa’s brightest young university graduates, who join us with a mix of engineering, science and commerce degrees. These graduates participate in the intensive Entelect Graduate Programme for six weeks, aimed at accelerating their careers. This training programme is structured to prepare them for the diverse real-world technology delivery environments, and the critical thinking, teamwork and technical skills required to succeed.

Kicking off 2020, 64 top graduates joined our South African operations. The programme first formalised in 2013, later reached 30 top-of-the-class graduates in 2016, and grew further to our current intake. Given the current economic climate and number of students in South Africa unable to find work, we are proud to welcome this many graduates to Entelect.

We recently calculated that 35% of our staff started off as graduates at Entelect. Some of our Senior Managers, Team Leads, Tech Leads and Solutions Architects kicked off their careers with us. Our commitment to growing and refining our graduate programme has earned Entelect the ‘Best Graduate Development Programme’ award at the Future of HR Summit in 2019. We are honoured to have one of the best graduate programmes in the country and are committed to continue growing the initiative into the future.

About the Entelect Graduate Programme

The Entelect Graduate Boot Camp starts in January every year. It’s designed to immerse Software Engineering, UX Engineering and Business Analysis graduates into real-world software development. By the time the graduates have moved through the 6-week programme, they would have been exposed to several languages and cutting-edge frameworks, which are actively being used in the industry. There are projects along the way with clear deliverables, all of which are vetted and code-reviewed by various Technical Leads.We want all of our graduates to become more® when joining us.
For more information, please visit culture.entelect.co.za

About Entelect

Entelect understands the true impact that non-delivery has on reputation and missed opportunities. Our teams have a proven track record of delivery in all aspects of creating technology solutions, from strategy and design to development, testing and rollout. Entelect supports great modern businesses in every industry who are differentiating themselves through technology. With an agile and pragmatic approach, honed over delivering hundreds of concurrent projects successfully, we partner with you and offer end-to-end technology services and solutions through a set of best-practice, team-based engagement models that help our customers go from good to great.


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