Deloitte Best Company to Work for Survey 2015

The survey aims to identify and celebrate the best companies to work for, based on employee’s experiences. Employees complete the survey, anonymously giving honest and reliable feedback, which in turn can be used by companies to shape and develop their employee’s talent, as well create an improved work environment.

The primary areas of evaluation included are:

  • Value and culture of the company
  • Leadership
  • Working relationship with supervisors and managers
  • Inclusion
  • Operational effectiveness
  • Job satisfaction
  • Performance and recognition
  • Remuneration
  • Learning and Development
  • Fairness and equality.

Last year, Entelect was awarded first place in all three categories of the Survey in which its employees participated. These were the ‘Best Company to Work For in SA (50–300 staff)’, the ‘Best Small Company to Work For in Southern Africa’, as well as the coveted ‘Best Information Technology Company to Work For (all sizes)’. This year, instead of awarding first, second and third places, Deloitte has changed the scoring system to present Standard of Excellence Achievement awards to all companies that attain mean scores within certain bands. Companies achieve gold, silver and bronze awards, depending on these scores.

Overall, Entelect has been awarded the Gold Achiever Award and the company’s highest individual score was for Values and Culture – earning a total score of 4.57. This subsection measures how aligned an organisation’s employees are to the company’s values and culture. Entelect prides itself on its strong company values and culture, and this high score reflects that the culture of the company has filtered down from management to other employees.

Entelect’s next-highest score was for Leadership and the total score of 4.51 shows that employee’s generally have good relationships with managers, and feel that they are being guided to achieve their career goals. Entelect scored a total of 4.48 for Engagement, which is a reflection on the company’s active social committee as well as the team leads and account managers. About this high score, Entelect’s Data Manager, Ryan Naudé said, ‘Keeping all Entelectuals engaged has been a priority since day one and it’s great to be able to measure this and see that the approach is working.’

As with any job, employee satisfaction is crucial to the overall success of the company. Keeping a growing workforce happy can be difficult but Entelect’s score of 4.33 for the Employee Satisfaction subsection shows that management is committed to ensuring that the majority of the work the company takes on, provides personal fulfillment to its staff.

As a result of Entelect’s growth over the past year, the company had nearly 50 percent more respondents. It has also increased its overall score from last year’s 4.33 to 4.40 this year – making Entelect truly one of the best companies to work for in Southern Africa.

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