Entelect achieves in 2009 despite the ecomomic downturn

Entelect achieves in 2009 despite the ecomomic downturn

Entelect Software's consulting and projects divisions succesfully completed all 36 projects on time and within budget! At any one time we had approximately 25 concurrent projects running. A big thank you to our development teams for their exceptional performance! We can confidently say that every single one of our software engineers are above average performers. The attached unsolicited reference from the CIO of Discovery Health for the succesful rewrite of the Discovery Health Vitality system sums up the achievement of this team and in fact all of our teams. Design processes, knowledge sharing and training were streamlined. This division is still the cornerstone of our business and will continue to be for some time. We are working on some interesting large-scale proposals and have a strong sales pipeline for 2010.

In the software products division we signed on 43 new clients and are gearing for rapid growth this year. We can say with confidence that Entelect Web Manager, Event Manager and Recruitment Manager are best of breed and with our ongoing investments will continue to set themselves apart from competitors, locally and globally. A sizable investment in hosting infrastructure was also made, ensuring that our clients can securely run their business systems on our servers and online products.

Entelect Placements made 62 placements at 27 clients despite its small staff complement! This is a remarkable achievement considering the tight market conditions. Working in a scarce skills market is challenging and difficult, but when the cards are down, quality comes to the fore and is in demand. We have stayed focused on recruiting high-end IT and supply chain skills, which has served us well.

Entelect Cape Town relocated from Cape Town to Stellenbosch. The primary reason for this was that our newly appointed Managing Director of this office, Wally Fernandes, is based there. We wish Wally all the best in this new project and look forward to working with him.

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