Entelect active launched: sports management systems

Entelect active launched: sports management systems

This project was initiated with one of South Africa's biggest Cycling Clubs, Club100 and established Event Organisers, Harford Sports Promotions and Tanjent Events, who run events like the Pick n Pay 94.7 Cycle Challenge (2nd biggest timed cycle event in the world) as well as the 702 Walk the Talk (biggest sport event in South Africa attracting 55 000 competitors). Entelect Software has taken over the support contracts of both these online systems, and from experiences gained here has already started injecting its new product suite into events like the Zoo Lake Criterium and the Citizen Run. "The benefits of this new software are significant", says Tanjent Evets partner, Jenni Green: "I can now manage the entire event with Entelect's software without unnecessary third party delays delays and IT support expense".

Entelect has appointed Craig Wapnick, ex professional squash player and Springbok Captain to drive sales efforts. "This software is phenomenal in terms of its functionality, power and cost, and will fill a gaping hole in the sporting arena", says Wapnick.

"When confronted with the problem, our team took on the challenge and (in true Entelect fashion) instead of building an instance of a solution for Club100 and HSP, they took it one step further and built the tools to provide them with a solution. Yes it was a more costly exercise, but now it is simply plug and play going forward, allowing for a scalable low cost solution for all participants", says Pritchard.

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