Entelect automates Direkshinz

Entelect automates Direkshinz

The company has a large number of international suppliers from whom products are imported and sold locally to retailers such as Mr Price. The first phase of this system, which was project managed by Entelect's Amar Madhav, went live in August 2008 and is currently being used by around 25 users. The system uses windows clients to capture data as well as product photos and then auto generates PDF presentations for clients.

"Direkshinz' management are confident that the new system fits their requirements well and is a huge improvement over their previous manual data entry using Power Point presentations as a product database. They are keen to go ahead with the second phase of the project, which will incorporate a full order tracking system", says Madhav.

The system was developed using Microsoft .Net Technology with windows clients connecting to a central server. It currently caters for the capturing and presentation of product and supplier information, with the aim of creating a full order tracking system.

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