Entelect awarded for the third year in Deloitte Best Company Survey

Entelect awarded for the third year in Deloitte Best Company Survey

Entelect have been awarded two Platinum Seals in the 2016 Deloitte Best Company Survey. The seals were awarded for Best Company and Employee Engagement. The Platinum seal was introduced in 2016 to mark organizational attractiveness far beyond the traditional bronze, silver and gold awards.

The Deloitte Best Company Survey has been conducted annually since 2000 and is regarded as the pre-eminent survey of its kind due to its independence and comprehensive analysis and insights.

Entelect have chosen to participate in this survey for the past three years because it provides a unique opportunity to engage in an objective and transparent manner with our employees. The survey responses are completely anonymous, and the results report provides in-depth, constructive insights that enable the team to introduce changes that have a direct impact on our employees’ well-being and satisfaction at work.

Overall the survey unpacks four main dimensions through which organisational attractiveness are assessed and managed: Accomplishment and growth, Care and feedback, Culture and values, and Fairness and integrity.

In the 2016 report, Entelect achieved outstanding results in the following areas:

• Best Company Index: Entelect achieved 77.76% where the industry benchmark is 62.2%

• Employee Engagement Index: 81.28%, where the industry benchmark is 67.78%


• 86.4% of employees were classed as positive contributors (i.e. High flyers) where the industry benchmark sits at only 61%

The Best Company Index award measures a company’s attractiveness among its employees. It is an expression of employee’s alignment with the organization and internal brand. Where organisational attractiveness is considered a key driver for employee engagement.

The Employee engagement award is a particularly important one for Entelect. Over the years, the company has been built by its employees. The culture, the opportunities for growth and accomplishment, and maintaining the drive for excellent service and professionalism, are all features that contribute towards personal growth and job satisfaction. In the Best Company Survey, this award reflects our employees’ state of mind which influences their work related behaviours and associated discretionary effort.

Some of the other top results across the four dimensions include:

• 93% of respondents felt that in the last year they’d had the opportunity to grow and learn

• 94% of employees believed that this company cares about developing people for long-term careers, not just the current job

• 96% of people answered that they felt this organization attracts the best people

• 94% of respondents felt that there is a feeling of trust throughout this organization

“The level of attraction achieved by Entelect is an extraordinary performance. Results of this quality are very unusual and have only been achieved in very few organisations.” Leslie Yuill, Actuarial, Reward and Analytics Lead, Deloitte. “Entelect have a challenge ahead to continually improve so that they can maintain this status. Although it is an exceptional challenge, the results demonstrate that they have the tools in play to help them achieve this goal.”

As an organization, we’ve always been driven by the belief that our employees make this company what it is. These results are testament to the commitment our employees put in daily, to ensure that the culture remains strong and true to its values of growth, delivery and relationships. These results reflect that our employees continue to feel a deep sense of ownership towards the company and we welcome survey’s such as these which provide us with insights on ways we can continually improve.

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