Entelect confirmed as the world’s best loyalty practitioners

Entelect confirmed as the world’s best loyalty practitioners

LoyaltyGames is a global, online competition that was created for students and professionals to put their loyalty and gamification skills to the test, while fostering innovation and positive knowledge sharing.

The early rounds of this year’s LoyaltyGames were held simultaneously across the globe, with a variety of time limitations and detailed deliverables required. Contestants were challenged with a series of multiple-choice questions and case-study analyses, which were designed to test their understanding of loyalty marketing, enterprise strategy and innovation in the fields of customer analytics and gamification techniques.

Naude, who comes from a background specialising in loyalty rewards and computer science, was selected from more than 1,500 candidates from around the world to create his final submission as one of the World Top 12 Finalists. The competition was fierce but Naude impressed the judges with his ‘Pin’ concept presentation and was crowned world champion, with Krzysztof Przybylski of Poland and Daria Demina from Russia as runners-up.

Naude explains that taking part in the LoyaltyGames has solidified his belief in the importance of innovation in ever-evolving industries, such as gamification, loyalty marketing and consumer engagement. ‘Not only is it incredibly exciting to make it through to the finals and to actually win, but the value of the experience in building on expertise cannot be underestimated,’ says Naude, ‘I feel honoured to have competed against such remarkable industry minds, and I’d certainly encourage others to take part in the LoyaltyGames to challenge their own skills and push themselves to create exciting new ideas.’

Naude currently heads up Entelect’s Encentivize business, a world leading platform offering that enables companies to implement turnkey staff, customer or agent loyalty solutions. To find out more about this solution click here.

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