Entelect DevDayII – 8 August 2014

Entelect DevDayII – 8 August 2014

Primarily, this event is a platform for staff collaboration and the promotion of unique ideas, which include:

  • Pet projects:
    Any interesting projects that employees may be playing around with at home or in their spare time.
    Staff are also encouraged to showcase the progress of their Entelect Tech Accelerator programmes.
  • Cutting edge technology:
    Demonstration of any cool new frameworks, products or services that could be shared with colleagues.
  • How does it work?
    Entelect uses many advanced technologies every day. This platform allows you to share the magic ‘underneath the hood’, based on individuals or teams that have managed to unweave the rainbow!
  • Practices, processes and patterns:
    This includes new patterns (or even old patterns), new tooling and/or even an effective process around development or operations.
  • Exhibition stands:
    Interesting stands to showcase and demonstrate projects and encourage interaction between Entelect colleagues.

This DevDay we have extended the event to include presentation stands and our specialist speakers:

Speaker Topic
Gail Shaw Distributed AI Using SQL Server. be Silly. AI -Particle swarm optimisations / Genetic Algorithms. Service Broker async Messaging. TSQL is a real Language.
Rishal Hurbans 3D Programming with JS 3js & Canon Js Libs
Justin Worthe HTML5 JS Game Dev (Pacman)
Charles Okot Cutting Edge Tech - Android Development Flow and Morter With Dagger & Gradle
Martin Naude Restful Services & node.js Rest Lvl III. Paradigm, verbs. Options. Json schema. Implications. Json Schema Demo.
Matt van der Westhuizen Node driven CMS platform
Joshua Goodman Raspberry Pi Torrent Box: How to.
Matthew Butler DOTA Match Tracker
Mark Beets Raspberry Pi Home Security

We look forward to all our staff joining us for this exciting event on 8 August 2014 at 12pm!

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