Entelect Foundation committed to maths education

Entelect Foundation committed to maths education

Access to maths education, from an early age and throughout a child’s school career, can lay the foundations for many important life skills. Adults who have a good understanding of maths are more competent with their personal finances. Mathematics teaches people to think analytically, to be good problem solvers; they can look at a problem from many different angles and will stick to it until it is finished instead of giving up before they have solved it. A child who does well at basic and complex maths will be able to apply these concepts to everyday life.

Literacy and scientific resources will also be provided to school and tertiary level students and communities who would otherwise not be able to afford these. The Foundation is also developing options for corporates who wish to invest in the development of their extended communities.

Entelect has partnered with New Age Electronic Entertainment Technologies cc (NAEET) to provide robust projectors to 3 schools as a proof of concept. These “Teacher in a Box” projectors will be easy to use, remotely controlled, and loaded with high-quality, curriculum-specific educational content.

The Entelect Foundation’s inaugural meeting was held on 8 September 2011 where invited committee members were ratified and the path set for formal registration as a not for profit institution. The Foundation will work with business and government to build a self-sustaining, scalable blueprint that works in a South African context.

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