Entelect R100k finalists named

Entelect R100k finalists named

Saturday night’s play-offs saw the 2013 Entelect R100k contestants go head to head in an epic (and sometimes not-so-epic, but hilarious) battle at the Fire and Ice Hotel in Melrose Arch. The evening started with introductions and a guest interview with a developer from Naughty Dog Studios (creators of The Last of Us, Uncharted) and rolled on into the battles which saw the contestant pool narrowed down to the final 8 who will be battling it out live at rAge expo on the 5th of October at 11am. Each contestant had to create a smart, artificially intelligent player in a game based on the Nintendo classic ‘Battle City’. The player had control of two tanks that battled it out for superiority on the battle field against the opposing team, with the objective being to wipe out the opponents base and players. The contestants played out on a variety of terrains, including a replica of the original battle city stage 1.
The Entelect R100K challenge this year marked a departure technically from last year’s turn-based approach, offering a real-time game in which opponents issued commands to their tanks using web-service technology. The team-based approach added an additional dimension to player strategy by allowing them control of two players as opposed to last year’s Tron challenge which gave the contestants control of a single player. In addition to the multiplayer approach, random terrain maps for each game meant that strategies had to be smarter and adaptive to their environments.
After an exciting battle, New Age Gaming magazine and rAge were good enough to hand out some freebies including annual subscriptions to NAG and double tickets to rAge expo. We are happy to announce that the following contenders will be going through to the finals and will stand a chance to win the grand prize of R100 000 at rAge!
G-J van Rooyen (scalvin)
Jan Gutter (The Dalek)
Jaco Cronje (JC)
Hendrik Coetzee (demaniak)
Werner Stoop (Wernsey)
Marius Potgieter (Monkey)
Pierre Pretorius (Pierre)
Lucas Dreyer (Lucas)

For more information visit the Challenge Page

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