Entelect Software launches innovative staff rewards program

Entelect Software launches innovative staff rewards program

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The programme records pre-defined behaviours, such as client recommendations, referrals, extra work, attendance at events and training initiatives to name a few. Employees accumulate points and can redeem rewards such as extra leave, vouchers or gifts. This happens automatically through integration with internal systems, such as timesheets, performance reviews and attendance registers, providing a low overhead programme to administer.

This innovation enhances Entelect's core principle of only hiring the best people, nurturing their professional careers and rewarding positive behaviour.

1Up is the culmination of years of experience in delivering large scale customer loyalty solutions to Discovery, Liberty and other large corporates. It takes best of breed concepts and expands it to a broader loyalty solution that encompasses staff, agents or brokers. Download our brochure or read our whitepaper on delivering loyalty solutions.

Contact us if you'd like additional information or require assistance in increasing staff,agent or customer retention!

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