Entelect top performer at the 2016 RiskAfrica Regatta

This last weekend, Entelect took part in the annual 2016 RISKAfrica Regatta, which hosts the financial services and insurance industry leaders from around RSA at this prestigious event. 12 race boats and 2 VIP cruises sailed from the Royal Cape Yacht Club (RCYC) harbour around the bay on open-ocean for a two-day exhibition, followed by cocktail party and a formal dinner.

We hosted a few clients and their partners, including Mark Thomas (Deloitte DESMAT), Cornel Elis (Herotel) and Earl Van Zyl (Allan Gray). We also were very happy to host a business partner that we have not seen in many years: Terence Govender (now MMI), who was instrumental in our first team at Discovery Vitality and later, Zurich insurance.

Entelect was paired with the ‘Vulcan’ yacht, a super-light carbon-fiber race boat that will be participating in the Cape-to-Rio event next year http://cape2rio2017.com/ .

Two race events would determine the winner: A Friday twilight event that would allow our landlubber software team to become familiar with the boat (and the welcoming crew); and the Saturday pursuit race.

The ‘Entelect Explorers’ took top honours by winning the first race (we were so far ahead that we had an hour extra at the drinks bar after completing!). We then proceeded to hunt down the other boats in the Saturday pursuit race - which had team Entelect starting 34 minutes after the behind the last yacht class – and coming second by 3 minutes. Our team was live tracked by GPS and can be watched here:

I’m happy to announce that we survived the intense rigours placed on us by our race-mode Vulcan crew and with their guidance, Entelect won the overall event!

This event has been months in the planning and it would not have been successful without our internal marketing and administration teams.

We look forward to more client engagements soon – showing that we’re a company that continues to lead the way!

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