Entelect’s global footprint continues to grow

JOHANNESBURG, February 26, 2024 –

At Entelect, we have an unwavering emphasis on growth. This is lived out not just in our people, but in our global reach. Having kicked off our first international branch in 2017, in 7 years we have expanded to 6 different countries, 10 offices and now employ over 187 international technology professionals – a thriving addition to our 1 500 South African employees (affectionately referred to as Entelectuals).

A growing global footprint

Our Netherlands branch was established in 2019, through the purchasing of a majority stake in Fixx iT, a software engineering and professional services company. The acquisition was a strategic move to retain the talent of our people who were being lost to immigration. Since then, the office has grown to 65 employees and formed a leadership committee, aimed at driving the company’s goals forward.

The United Kingdom has become home to 30 Entelectuals since opening in 2021. The business has secured a number of meaningful clients in 2023 and is providing exciting opportunity for growth in 2024. On the other side of the globe, New Zealand, our first branch, and Australia, grow in strides. With 3 offices between the two countries, their customer base spans regional businesses across industries, including banking, insurance, agriculture and healthcare.

A little closer to home, we were proud to open our Harare offices in 2022, investing in growing other African economies and welcoming talented professionals to our team.

A unique position

This expanding international footprint provides capacity to understand cultures, businesses and industries around the globe, elevated with our 23 years of experience. Our unique global position opens the door for flexible engagement models, supported by our experience in operating and managing hybrid on-shore, near-shore and offshore engagements. We can rapidly kick-off, learn and adopt existing environments, contributing experience to improve environments over time. All of this is possible with zero compromise on engineering quality and collaboration.

About Entelect

Entelect began in 2001, inspired by the vision of a technology service company that delivers quality solutions with exceptional talent. Now with over 20 years experience, Entelect offers end-to-end technology services and solutions through a set of best-practice, team-based engagement models that help their customers go from good to great. 

Today, Entelect works on over 150 active projects in virtually all industries across Africa, Europe and Australasia. They have 1,500 qualified software professionals, and operates from nine global offices. Their services range from from strategy, digital transformation, and experience design to custom development, testing and data and analytics.

Entelect is a culture-first organisation and is recognised as a magnet for outstanding technology talent. Their teams are personally invested in their project outcomes. They challenge their customer’s thinking in order to gain a proper understanding of the business, and focus on engineering solutions that deliver real returns.