Exciting times ahead for the Entelect R100k Challenge

Exciting times ahead for the Entelect R100k Challenge

“There has been little investment in the SA development community. We wanted to turn that around with this competition and inject a some fun back into the industry. Game development is still the holy grail for a lot of our guys and we thought that this challenge would generate some excitement. Perhaps bring the community together in a different way. Judging by the success so far, I believe we can turn this into an annual event and keep upping the stakes!” says Charles Pritchard, Entelect's CEO.

The Entelect R100K Challenge is for anyone who has a keen interest in software development. Those with a background in Artificial Intelligence may have an advantage in this competition, however there is an abundance of information online about the strategies and mechanics applicable to these types of turn-based games. A little extra effort and foresight will go a long way in seeing that the ultimate AI player makes it through to the finals!

The tournament play-offs will be hosted on the 28th of September to a closed audience of entrants. These initial rounds will see players paired off in a double-elimination style tournament with only the superior AI players progressing to later rounds. To add to the excitement, the final rounds will be hosted LIVE on the main stage at rAge expo on the 6th of October in-front of 20 000 attendees. The event will also be broadcast live on the internet for all to see thanks to NAG Online. With a closing date of 24th September there is still plenty of time to get your engines started. Accept the challenge today!

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