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Celebrating a decade-long partnership between Entelect and Discovery, we are proud to have been a contributor to many significant and disruptive technology programmes.
Entelect partnered with Akeso to build a treatment dashboard that gives therapists and healthcare professionals a holistic view of all patient data.
The last few years have brought a storm of data breaches. The scale and reach of these incidents is revealing: nobody is spared.
With any new technology advancements in an organisation, there is always an urge to make a big announcement and launch a shiny new solution.
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Retention plays a critical role in managing the ability to innovate through capacity and skill, but also impacts risk and morale.
For 20 years, Entelect has been running diverse technology teams for a global customer base. Read more on our experiences operating offshore engagements.
Global demand for technology talent has created a vacuum for skilled or experienced professionals in the spaces of software development, analysis, data and design.
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