Entelect and Sage BEE123: A holistic view to solution engineering

Entelect and Sage BEE123: A holistic view to solution engineering

Saul Symanowitz (MD, Sage BEE123) discusses the technical partnership with Entelect and the journey undertaken to develop this nationally recognised and unique product: Sage BEE123, a BEE scorecard and scenario planning solution.

From day one, and over the last five years, Entelect has nurtured the technology requirements from conception through to market readiness - of what is now a successful commercial venture used by the top South African enterprise-level companies.

Entelect's ownership of the technical delivery stream was not limited to the development of the web-based BEE scorecard system, but extended into the advisement of the end-clients on how to directly integrate for an end-to-end automated solution. By building payroll integration connectors, creating the ability to dynamically complete scenario planning and ultimately, automate score calculations, the Entelect delivery team continues to make it easier for the Sage BEE123 clients to adhere and surpass their B-BBEE programme goals.

Our team continues to work closely with the Sage BEE123 product owner as technical advisors, the delivery and execution team. Our work includes full stack software development services, database optimization and continued innovation - to ensure optimal performance, while always pushing the product forward.

Entelect values our partnerships with clients like Sage BEE123.

Entelect offers end-to-end enterprise technology services and solutions through a set of best-practice, team-based engagement models that help our customers go from good to great.


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