You can’t ‘outsource’ love

‘Of course money helps but physically engaging with love is what it’s all about. If people know they are loved and someone else out there cares for them, they will react more positively – and it involves only a little bit of time and sacrifice,’ says Pritchard. ‘We have witnessed this effect in our Foundation programme, where some of our children and young adults have had significant turnarounds in academic performance – even without teaching them subject matter. We focus on supporting them with life questions, helping them to nurture their unique strengths and of course, getting them excited about what’s out there for them when they leave school. We are very grateful to our staff who give up their personal time to support people in need.’

Pritchard goes on to say that the act of offering expertise and physical support has more human impact than offering just money, so even organisations that do not have the budget to assist others, can in fact reach out with great effect.

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