ICT vacancies in software development: advice for getting the best graduate jobs

Software development plays a major role in all parts of modern life, and as such, is a crucial industry. It is one fastest growing, highest paying and cutting edge industries to be a part of, which is why vacancies for the best graduate jobs in this sector are so desirable.

A fresh wave of graduates is preparing to enter the South African workforce, looking for ideal jobs to start careers, and this momentous move highlights many career-related questions and potential uncertainties. The software development industry, and the sector as a whole, has seen a major influx of hopeful applicants pursuing its various job opportunities and vacancies. For example, Entelect received more than 400 applications but only 30 of these were successful – a vast increase from the 16 that were inducted last year.

Shashi Hansjee, the newly appointed CEO of Entelect Software – the organisation that was voted Best Company to Work For in 2014 by Deloitte – says that graduates and young professionals looking to break into the industry can look to others for advice and guidance on how to make the move. He invited some of Entelect’s best and brightest young talent to give their insights...

See what it takes to be the best!

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