Deloitte tracks millions of dollars in import movements


Entelect developed and supported the Deloitte “DESMAT & ICM” system. Deloitte worked with Entelect to develop an application that could effectively track and report on the PetroChemical manufacturing and movement of products (such as oil, gas and paraffin).

DESMAT effectively tracks and manages compliance for over a million transactions per month and – for the financial period of 2018 – tracked import movements to the value of over $200 million.

The DESMAT system is customisable per sector and also tracks the import/export of alcohol and Coca-Cola Africa’s sugar tax compliance.

As a real-time regulatory and compliance process management tool, the application was required to have both intra- and inter- company functionalities that fulfil statutory requirements, payable and claimable statutory levies and taxes.

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