Improving forex trading in African markets with Standard Bank


Entelect is working with Standard Bank on their African Markets Tracker (AMT) platform. AMT affords uses with the opportunity to in manage the movements in African financial markets. The application is available allows you to monitor African currencies, set alerts and trade forex.

The application provides users with an easy digitised platform to leverage Standard Banks in-depth African markets knowledge to actively manage your forex transactions.

The aim was to create an accessible forex trading solution that focuses on time. Time being the main factor with most forex application out there as booking trades can be a cumbersome process at times. The aim wasn’t to imitate similar solutions that already exist but to find the gap within these solutions and focus on the missing piece. Therefore, we aimed to simplify the viewing process for currency pairs within the African region, and allow for setting currency pairs to a watch list and setting alerts for rates.

Standard Bank is the global leader in providing clients with accurate and reliable information with regards to the African financial markets.

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