Practical leadership guidelines for remote teamwork, decisions and culture

Sharing the lessons which have shaped Entelect’s thinking and approach towards operating remote teams, promoting fluid communication, staying productive, and keeping team culture alive.

What’s in the publication

Remote conversations

Working from home (WFH) comes with its own challenges, and is another skill that we all should endeavour to learn and master. This chapter shares some experience and insights into how we keep our teams talking and engaging as efficiently as possible in a remote world.

Staying productive

When projects and capex are reigned in during a crisis, how do you keep your people productive and adding value amidst uncertainty? How do you keep teams motivated, inspired and growing while ensuring you continue to create value.

Useful tools

We’ve put together a selection of tools and ideas we’ve
successfully used across our various teams at Entelect.
If you’re looking for ideas to help solve specfic frustrations, experiment with these and adopt what works.

Keeping culture alive

COVID-19 lockdowns have forced a sudden global change in working environments and team arrangements. The knock-on economic pressure means that our people are feeling alone and uncertain.

Leadership decision-making
during a crisis

Leadership roles and responsibilities have drastically changed and will most likely continue to do so. This chapter focuses on making decisions, remaining transparent, and facing challenges while having spontaneous conversations.

Leadership decision-making
during a crisis

Planning a transition back to the office goes beyond productivity and safety. The office you left is not going to be the once you return to, and it’s critical to manage employee culture and morale during this period.

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