Retaining technology talent

Retention plays a critical role in managing the ability to innovate through capacity and skill, but also impacts risk and morale.

Businesses are looking towards technology to provide a competitive advantage through digital customer experiences, and to make them more efficient by automating operations. For most large organisations, this means that building internal competency through premium technical talent is now a priority. The market favours tech professionals, and with their skills being in high demand, top talent can freely move around.

Retention plays a critical role in managing the ability to innovate through capacity and skill, but also impacts risk and morale. The IP and unique contextual knowledge vested into your people is valuable for the purposes of business continuity. Great retention within technology teams requires deliberate leadership focus on workplace culture, growth and development, interesting work and competitive remuneration.

This is a guide to some of the principles and tools that we use to retain our best people, and to inspire the best from them. These ideas and tactics focus on the high calibre technology talent sector, but can all be applied to any industry.

What’s in the publication

Invest the time in fostering

Our leadership are always in touch with our people. This means we can help alleviate blockers to their performance, recognise excellence, or deal with issues quickly and directly.

Communicate frequently
and with personality

Beyond the open-door policy, we focus on keeping lines of communication open and exercised. Regular, open communication creates trust and affinity.

Make career development
a line management function

Line managers are not only responsible for business results and deadlines, but also for the growth and retention of their people. This is not an HR function.

Create a memorable
employee journey

An employee’s journey with your organisation starts even before they begin the interview process and only concludes long after they leave you. You can’t make every interaction great, but you can make sure that some are excellent and that the terrible ones become better.

Measuring the
Employee Experience

There are many tools mentioned in this paper that range from complex exercises to quick wins. To measure the effectiveness of our approach, we regularly survey our own employees for indicators and insights into our employee experience.

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