Think Fast: Applying design thinking in enterprise

Applying design thinking in enterprise to solve wicked problems.

Customer expectations are rising.

Embracing agility, adaptability, and a customer-centric mindset is no longer optional but a matter of survival.

Our extensive experience in running design thinking initiatives at some of South Africa’s biggest enterprises have helped them short circuit problem solving, create alignment and make decisions based on tangible insights.

What’s in the publication

Innovating with design thinking

Using the design thinking principles of timeboxing, participation and test and learn, organisations are able to make quick decisions and calculated risks that fosters experimentation.

Adapting the design sprint methodology for enterprise

The design sprint methodology pioneered by Google Ventures is revolutionary, but unrealistic for enterprise decision-makers. Adapting this methodology to a 3 week approach provides a more practical opportunity to innovate.

Is design thinking an upfront process or a continuous one?

Moving forward and maintaining momentum in the delivery phase of a project after a design sprint requires a blend of collaboration, validation, and ownership. 

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