The data science behind driver behaviour


Insure Telematics Solutions (ITS), a leading UK-based provider of telematics devices and systems for automotive insurance, partnered with Entelect to develop a data strategy that could support their increasing data needs and give them access to the data in a way that would allow them to tackle new business opportunities and challenges.

Entelect assisted with designing and building a new architecture for ITS’s IoT solution, with a view towards how new technology will allow them to continue scaling.

After the initial architecture analysis and designing, an Entelect team implemented a solution to replace their existing IoT Hub utilising a number of Microsoft Azure services.

Entelect also investigated their risk-score model, which provide a risk rating for each driver, where we proposed machine learning models that could be used in place of the current statistical model. This allowed the process to be automated.

Additionally, Entelect recommended changes to the types of data used for their First Notification of Loss model currently in use for accident prediction which led to the improvement of the model’s long-term performance.

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